What is Wheel of Profits all about?

    We are an advertising platform where you can advertise your oither business ventures on our platform. Plus, we offer 3 Ebooks, best sellers on the market, available when you activate your position in the back office.


    How much is it to activate my account?

    $10 to activate your account. You will get access to Financial literacy ebooks, text ad credits, banner ad credits and more.


    How many positions can I purchase?

    You can purchase unlimited amout of positions. If you would like to keep getting advertising credits, all you need to do is purchase more positions to receive 10,000 banner and text ad credits.

    Are there any fees withdrawing from my account?

    There is a 5% network fee to cover all costs when sending payments to you. 


    What crypto do you accept?

    Currently we accept LTC, Tron and USDT-TRC20


    What payment method do we receive as payment?

    We payout in USDT-TRC20, or TRON. We pay every day in the evening EST


    Are there any deposit fees?

    Yes. There is a 5% deposit fee to cover merchant fee and exchange.


    There is an error when I click on the withdrawal confirmation link via email, should I be worried?

    No, this is common on our website. We are still working on the fix but we do get the notification that you requested a withdrawal. All is good.


    What type of pay plan are you using?

    We are using a 4x1 company forced matrix plan where everyone invites anyone will land in a line. First come, first serve. The system is built from top to bottom, left to right. Everyone will be helping each other build this program.


    I referred 2 people into the system, how come I do not see them in my board?

    This is a company forced system which means the matrix is built from top to bottom, left to right. We are all working together to build one solid matrix. This is the reason we say no referring required to earn but it would help to share the program with others to help boost rewards and move people up.


    Is my personal information protected with your company?

    Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!